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"What does a teacher, rape and I have in common? A semester ago, I'd say nothing..."

Surrounded by vicious rumors and a plethora of online harassment, 15-year old high school student Vivian disappears. Play as Julia, a student journalist trying to redeem herself after spreading cruel online rumors about Vivian. Experience a story rich visual novel that tackles the subject of gender based violence without shying away. 

Will you uncover the events that transpired before Vivian’s disappearance?

Half Light is in collaboration with the amazing Sherohub!

Beautiful 2D Art

Live life through the lens of a Malaysian high school girl. Set in the urban sprawl of Petaling Jaya, all of our assets are designed to be as authentic as possible - from the environments to the uniforms our characters wear.

Gripping Story

Experience a story that will challenge your perspectives on gender violence and sexual discrimination. As Julia, your goal is to interview the people hurt by Vivian’s disappearance and create a support group for her. 

Some of them will have very strong opinions...


  • Who were the ones closest to Vivian? What are they like? Are they worried about her? Did they love her as much as she loved them?
  • The people you speak to have their own agendas and views, something to hide.  Every interaction brings you a step closer to unravelling the truth.

Call Out

  • Identify instances of discrimination and choose whether to call them out... or let them get away with it.
  • Calling out may change Julia’s perception of the people around her.


  • Have you ever thought about the way you talked to people? Occasionally, your responses will come with a timer.
  • Some characters like a quick and witty response, while others prefer a more slow-paced conversation.
  • Keep an eye open for hints on how they'd prefer you to respond. You may garner a different reply. If you play your cards right, they might even join your cause.


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no one commented cause it is about a bitch cyber bully who needs to get beaten and treated like shit plus its the only thing people like the bitch deserve.


Good concept, i wonder why nobody commented on this yet, till i read the description that this is published just yesterday, and what shocked me is that, this game is made by Malaysian! I'll definitely support my fellow countrymen and give my review after i played this.